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Services for Parents
Information, Advice and Guidance
Referrals to our service come mainly through a Community Paediatrician who has made a diagnosis of ADHD. This process is dependant on the collated information requested from schools teachers, parents and other professionals who may be involved in supporting the family. If parents are concerned that their child may have ADHD, they should consult with their GP first and ask for a consultation with a Paediatrician.

Following a diagnosis from a clinician we invite the adult or parent to an Information, Advice and Guidance meeting. This service is delivered by skilled staff many of whom have direct experience of living with ADHD in their own families. They will listen to your concerns, answer questions you might like to ask about medication or how to support your child’s learning in school. They will also offer you information on the menu of services we offer.

Strategies for managing ADHD
Read a paper on "Using HeartMath biofeedback Computer Games to support ADHD".......
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A range of innovative approaches to managing ADHD will be posted to this website over the coming months.
Parents Skills Building Training
After attending the information advice and guidance session, the parent / carer is invited to an ADHD specific skills building group to help them to understand and better manage their child's ADHD. This programme is delivered in six sessions lasting two hours. Parents learn about ADHD and how it affects their child while learning practical strategies to deal with the everyday challenges the face.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding Medication
  • Supporting Learning and Positive Behaviour
  • Working in Partnership with Schools and Teachers
  • Parenting skills to meet the above-average parenting needs of Children and Young People with ADHD
  • Healthy Lifestyles

Families often tell us they feel isolated, misunderstood and stigmatised. We offer the opportunity to join facilitated parent support groups so parents can access understanding and support from other parents.
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