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        Published - June 11, 2018

        Umbrella Project 2018: School Participation

        The Umbrella Project 2018 will consist of three public art installations of brightly coloured umbrellas in three locations: Church Alley, Church Street Liverpool City Centre, BBC Studios Media City Salford Quays and Albert Dock Liverpool.

        The project celebrates the gifts, talents and employability of those with ADHD and Autism. Every umbrella will be signed by a child stating ‘My Super Power is…..’ as part of a wider education programme with participating schools in Merseyside and Salford Manchester in a dynamic twin city project. This project has been brought to you by sponsors Equazen Omega 3 Supplements, Peel Holdings BBC Media City, Radio City Cash for Kids, The Witherslack Group Alternative Education Providers, Printkick, Liverpool City Council and Salford City Council. For more information, click this link.

        To raise awareness about the Umbrella Project, we have created assembly presentations for schools to download and use, to take a strength based approach with children and young people, to identify their strengths and superpower. If you would like more information, or wish to get involved with the Umbrella Project, contact us on

        Please find below links to the assembly resources (for primary and secondary schools):

        Neurodiversity in School – Primary

        Assembly Crib Sheet – Primary

        Neurodiversity in School – Secondary

        Assembly Crib Sheet – Secondary

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