Leading a Neurodiverse Classroom: Practical Strategies for Teachers - Aberdeen

Monday 29th May
Robert Gordon’s College, Schoolhill, Aberdeen, AB10 1FE
16:00 – 17:30
Cost: Free

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This event can be attended face to face or on online, and is for teaching or education professionals working with neurodiverse learners from across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.  This event is brought to you by Aberdeen Inspired and ADHD Foundation The Neurodiversity Charity. 

The 90 minute session will cover:

– What is neurodiversity?
– Leading a neurodiverse classroom.
– A strength based explanation of Dyslexia (1 in 10 learners), Dyspraxia (1 in 20), Autism (1 in 67) ADHD ( 1 in 20), Dyscalculia (1 in 20) and Tourette’s & Tics.
– Classroom strategies to improve teaching and learning to raise academic attainment.
– Cognitive profiling to identify learners of concern and strategies to support that child’s unique cognitive profile.
– Developing Executive Functioning skills.

We hope you can join us for what’s sure to be a really informative and inspiring session. 

Leading a Neurodiverse Classroom - Aberdeen

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