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Impact Report 2022-23

Neurodiversity: Exhilarating Independence

Understanding and Managing ADHD Videos

Introducing the ADHD Foundation

ADHD: Staying Calm and Positive

4. Supporting Children with Tics

3. Living Successfully with Tics

2. Diagnosis of Tics and Tic Disorders

1. What are Tics?

Neurodiversity and Dance Music

ADHD and the Perimenopause and Menopause

Dynamic Support Liverpool CCG

Access to Work Information Booklet

Talking Tourette’s (Lisa Rudge, Dr Seonaid Anderson)

Understanding the stress response

Understanding Coprophenomena

In Conversation With: Dr Ned Hallowell – ADHD 2.0

Tourette’s Syndrome FAQs

Relate: the relationship people (Website)

Mental Health Resources (The Education Hub,

Mental Health Foundation Resources

ADHD and Poor Sleep (Dr Tony Lloyd)

Advice and Guidance for Students With ADHD

10 Top Tips: Effective Self-Care for People With ADHD

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