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        Stroud/ Gloucestershire Neurodiversity Project - Parent & Carer Webinars

        The ADHD Foundation: Neurodiversity Charity would like to invite you to “Understanding and supporting my child / young person with Neurodiversity”. (Please note, this project closes in January 2022)

        This programme is an online skills building programme, specifically for parents and carers of children who have ADHD or another neurodevelopmental condition, or are on the pathway to a diagnosis. The programme is split over 3 x 1 hour long online sessions, with an opportunity for Q&A at the end:

        Session One: Neurodevelopmental conditions
        Session Two: Sleep – Lifestyle, sleep, nutrition and movement
        Session Three: Stress Response and Self-Regulation

        The following dates and times are available to access these sessions; please choose an option for each session by clicking on your preferred time / date. This will take you to the booking page:

        If you have any queries regarding the online programmes, please email

        Kind regards,
        Lisa Rudge
        Parent Project Lead

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