Therapies Terms and Conditions

Guidance for working remotely and providing online therapy:

Data Protection

As with face-to-face therapy, practitioners providing treatment via technology  comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and an ethical responsibility to safeguard clients from unauthorised disclosure of information, in line with BACP principles and practice.

Informed Consent and Safeguarding

Clients are informed about the nature of the service being offered. Therapists will make clear the circumstances in which confidentiality can be broken, i.e. if it becomes apparent that there is a risk of harm to the client or others or where there is a legal duty of disclosure.

Practitioners take reasonable steps to ensure that clients are in a safe physical environment and are informed about the safe use of technologies, e.g. that adequate security measures are needed to protect sensitive information held electronically, and that it is highly inadvisable to place Terms and Conditions confidential data on publicly accessible sites such as Facebook and other web-based platforms. Practitioners cannot be held responsible if their clients do not follow the advice given.

At the outset of each session, practitioner and client should agree how to proceed if a technology breakdown occurs, arranging, for example, to try to reconnect in five or 10 minutes. In case reconnection isn’t possible, there should be an arrangement to phone or e-mail with a view to rescheduling the session.  Sessions must start within 20 minutes of the scheduled time for it to take place or incur charges for non attendance.

It is important for the client to have access to local support in the event of an emergency. In this regard, the client should have an arrangement to receive support from a family member, friend, GP, etc, if the need arises. As with face-to-face therapy, the therapist should obtain the contact details of the client’s GP and/or another responsible individual.

Legal Considerations and Insurance

Practitioners need to take account of the specific laws of a prospective client’s geographical location. In this regard, different geographical regions are subject to legislation that affects the delivery of therapy.  Online Therapy to individuals is available to those based within the UK.

Payment for Services Delivered Remotely and cancelations

Secure arrangements need to be in place for the transfer of money, for example, PayPal, XERO, etc. Payment to be received within 7 days of issue or be voided. Please see our contracted terms and cancellation notice below.

Ethics and Complaints

Procedures ADHD Foundation Ethics and Professional Policy and its Complaints Procedure apply to remote working.

Digital Platforms

There can be no guarantee that any platform will remain fully secure over time in a fast-changing ‘digital world’; therapists are advised always to ensure that clients give their informed consent, having been made aware of the risks.


  1. An email message from the client indicating that they give their informed consent should be sufficient in this regard;
  2. As a further safeguard, both client and practitioners are advised to avoid sending sensitive information in written form via the messaging facility.
  3. Both parties clearly need to take steps to ensure that the conversation can’t be overheard by unauthorised third parties in the same building. To this end, the use of headphones by both client and practitioner is advised.

Online Service Contract Agreement

The ADHD Foundation online services offer a confidential and personal relationship between you and the clinician. In reading this you agree to the process.

Therapy sessions run for 50-55 mins and take place on an agreed basis.  EMDR run between 50 to 90 mins as agreed.  If you arrive late for a session, your time can not be extended, therefore please be ready to start your session on time to benefit from your full session.  If later than 20 minutes – the session is deemed void.

At the beginning of starting therapy it is helpful to schedule ahead times when you may not be able to attend. Your therapist will also make you aware of any dates when they will be unavailable.  Your therapist will aim to give you good notice of any holidays and the same is appreciated in return.  If for any reason you are unable to attend a scheduled session it is important that you make your therapist aware in good time. If the therapist has to cancel a session, they will give you as much notice as possible, and will also try to reschedule with you for a different time. You will not be charged for the session.

Clients under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or those who become aggressive or threatening in sessions will have their session terminated. Children are not permitted adult 1:1 or couple therapy sessions.

For video call sessions it is your responsibility to ensure that you are technically competent in the use of Zoom/other and that you are alone in the room that you take your session in with no interruptions for the full time duration.  Sessions cancelled less than 48hrs in advance and missed sessions will still be charged the full fee.

I, as the service user, agree to being on time for each scheduled session, from an environment where I will be undisturbed, for the duration of the session.

I understand that every session is totally confidential – unless the practitioner believes that I present a potential risk to myself or another person, or there is evidence of involvement in serious crime. In these circumstances, the practitioner will, if possible, discuss this with me first. In the interests of safety however, the practitioner retains the right to break confidentiality, without prior consultation, should they consider the matter urgent.

I accept that I am fully responsible for my own actions and that I initiate this service relationship on this basis.

I agree that I will raise with the practitioner, without delay, anything that I am unhappy about in our service relationship.

I understand that the practitioner has the right to terminate sessions under the following circumstances:

  • I continually refuse to undertake agreed actions arising from a session
  • Where the practitioner feels there is a need for specialist support
  • Involvement in illegal activity
  • Where the practitioner feels I am becoming dependent on the sessions

I will give at least 2 days notice if I need to cancel or reschedule a session. I understand that if I do not give this notice period, then I will forfeit all rights to a refund.

I will pay the agreed fees to ADHD Foundation, in full and at least 5 days before my session. I understand that if I do not pay within this time, then the ADHD Foundation may cancel my session booking.

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