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      What is ADHD?


        Neurodiversity Clinic

        18 - 60 Year Olds

        What services do we provide?

        At the ADHD foundation we offer a full ADHD screen for 18- to 60-year-olds. This is not a diagnosis, it is a comprehensive screen used to support a diagnosis comprising the QbTest OR QbCheck, ADHD rating scales, a clinical interview and full history. This can be very helpful to determine whether ADHD is present.

        The pre-screen is not a diagnosis – it is a comprehensive screen designed to aid in the diagnosis process. It creates a body of evidence that a diagnosing clinician can then use. Our pre-diagnostic screen costs £250.

        After the screen, we can refer the client over to a Private Psychiatrist. We work closely with several private psychiatrists who can use evidence from the assessment to continue the diagnosis, including Dr Naidoo or Dr Bansoum – they charge £400 for a diagnostic consultation, and £100 for each follow-up/medication review appointment. They require a G.P. referral, and their current wait time is 1-2 months.

        We also offer a “QbTest only” option. Find out more

        How do I refer?

        Please fill in the referral form at this link and return it to

        ND Clinic – 18-60 Year Olds Brochure

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