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      What is ADHD?


        Neurodiversity Clinic

        6-17 Year Olds

        What services do we provide?

        At the ADHD Foundation Neurodiversity Charity, we offer a full ADHD screen for 6- to 17-year-olds. This is not a diagnosis – it is a comprehensive screen, used to support a diagnosis comprising of the QbTest, ADHD rating scales, a clinical interview, and full history. This can be very helpful in determining if ADHD is present. The pre-screen is not a diagnosis, but comprehensive screen designed to aid in the diagnosis process. It creates a body of evidence that the diagnosing clinician can then use. This pre-diagnostic screen costs £250.

        You can then direct what we do with this information. For instance, if the test is supportive and your child has a consultant, we can send the results to the consultant requesting that they continue on the ADHD pathway. If they are not on any ADHD pathway, we can write to their G.P. requesting that that they should be referred onto the NHS child ADHD pathway, based on the evidence from the assessment.

        Finally, we can discuss Private Psychiatrists. Most Private Psychiatrists require a G.P. referral and prices vary. Please be advised that this process can be costly if you wish to access medication.

        We also offer a “QbTest only” option. Find out more

        How do I refer?

        Please fill in the referral form at this link and return it to

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