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      What is ADHD?


        Neurodiversity Clinic

        QbTest Only

        What if I just want the QbTest, or what if my doctor has completed the other aspects of the screen and has only requested the QbTest?

        It is quite common for clinicians, both NHS or private, to refer their patients to our service to access just the QbTest, or for families to only want to access this part. If you only want to access the QbTest due to any of the above reasons, please mark this option on the referral form.

        Accessing the QbTest alone is much faster than the full assessments we offer, and we are able to send the results to a client’s clinician within days of the appointment.

        How much does it cost?

        Total price: £200. This must be paid before any appointments can be booked. Your child will only have the QbTest, no rating scales or clinical interview will be completed.

        ADHD Testing and Evaluation - Aroga

        How do I access this?

        Complete and return the referral form (6-17) (18-60) to Make sure to tick the QbTest only option.

        Once the referral form has been returned our trained staff will triage the referral form to ensure that we can accept your child as a client. We will contact you as soon as a decision is made. This can take up to 7-10 business days depending on the information provided and if anything is missing.

        Once the referral form has been accepted, we will send the Invoice. Please note that appointments cannot be booked until the payment is made.

        Once payment is received, we can book your child’s QbTest appointment as soon as possible.

        You will then receive your child’s results 3 weeks after the appointment and the results will be sent to any other agency, health provider, or school of your choice. If you have been referred by a clinician, we will send the results to the referring clinician.

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