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        Live Streamed Training 2022/2023

        The ADHD Foundation: Neurodiversity Charity is running a series of live-streamed training sessions for educational professionals. The webinars are applicable to all key stages and phases of education and sessions that are specific to Early Years, Primary or Secondary settings as well as sessions designed for new entrants to the profession and Teaching Assistants.

        All of the sessions will begin at 3:45pm and finish at 5:15pm and will include an opportunity for Q&A.

        The sessions will be delivered by:

        Arron Hutchinson – Therapeutic Practitioner and Trainer

        Colin Foley – National Training Director

        Emma Weaver – Director of Early Year’s Services

        Mike Hussey – Operations Director: NeurodiverCity Training Academy

        Rachel Varney – Therapeutic SENCO and Trainer

        How to book:

        The sessions cost £25 to book. Please confirm your attendance to the webinar of your choice by following the relevant link below. This will take you to the event booking page, where you will be asked to complete a registration form. If you are unavailable to attend the live webinar, and would like access to a recording, please continue to sign up – we will be in touch with a link after the session.

        Please read on to find out the dates and the session titles.

        Autumn Term 2022

        Monday 19th September 2022 – Introduction to ADHD and the principal strategies to support for NQTs

        Monday 26th September 2022 – Introduction to ASC on the principal strategies to support for NQTs

        Thursday 6th October 2022 – Introduction to Neurodiversity in the Early Years

        Wednesday 19th October 2022 – Reading, Writing and ADHD (CANCELLED due to unforeseen circumstances)

        Tuesday 8th November 2022 – Leading a Neurodiverse Classroom

        Thursday 24th November 2022 – Planning for the New Term for SENDCOs

        Monday 5th December 2022 – Supporting Memory in the Classroom

        Tuesday 13th December 2022 – Mental Health and Neurodiversity, including Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

        Spring Term 2023

        Thursday 12th January 2023 – Multi-Sensory Approaches to Learning in the Early Years and Key Stage 1 Classroom

        Monday 23rd January 2023 – Supporting Executive Functioning in the Classroom

        Tuesday 7th February 2023 – Exploring the Effective Use of Sensory Circuits

        Thursday 16th February 2023 – Supporting Neurodiverse Children and Young People for Support Staff

        Wednesday 15th March 2023 – Supporting Children and Young People with a Dual Diagnosis of ADHD and ASC

        Thursday 30th March 2023 – Understanding and Supporting Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

        Summer Term 2023

        Thursday 20th April 2023 – Understanding and Supporting Anxiety and OCD

        Wednesday 26th April 2023 – Understanding and Supporting Attachment and Trauma

        Monday 8th May 2023 – Practical Strategies to Support Neurodiverse Children and Young People

        Tuesday 16th May 2023 – Girls, Young Women and ADHD

        Tuesday 6th June 2023 – Creating an Enabling Environment for Neurodiverse Children in Early Years and Key Stage One Part 1

        Wednesday 21st June 2023 – Reading and Writing Interventions for Neurodiverse Learners

        Thursday 6th July 2023 – Creating an Enabling Environment for Neurodiverse Children in Early Years and Key Stage One Part 2

        To access any of these sessions, follow the link and confirm your place. If you are one of our partner schools, you will need to get the discount code from your SENDCo so that you can access each session for free.

        We hope you find these sessions useful. If you have any questions, please contact


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