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        Umbrella Project for Businesses

        The Umbrella Project relies on engagement from businesses, both big and small, to reach as many people as possible. 

        There are several ways to get involved, be that on a local level or nationwide, and we’d love to have you and your business on board. 

        Our displays provide a great branding opportunity as well as good CSR, with millions of hits online each year. Where appropriate we offer sponsors publicity and event support, a table at the annual National Diversity Awards, and more.

        Fund an installation

        To fund a specific public installation, it costs £10,000-25,000. For this sum, your branding would be placed on every umbrella in your chosen location. 

        Be a national sponsor

        To be a national sponsor, putting your branding on over five thousand umbrellas nationwide, it costs £10,000. Your logos would be placed on all external public installations. 

        Fund an ‘Umbrella Gang’ comic

        To fund production of an educational ‘Umbrella Gang’ comic for children it would cost £10,000. This would be free to download for any child or school in the country for three years, and printed copies would be available for purchase too. The comic would be illustrated by our friends at Dekko Comics and would carry your branding! Click the links below to see the first three!

        Volume 1Volume 2 | Volume 3

        Sponsor neurodiversity training

        To fund neurodiversity training webinars for over 500 families nationwide…

        Have your own mini Umbrella Project

        Celebrate neurodiversity in your workplace with your own small Umbrella Project. It costs just £450 and we will send you 25 umbrellas with pre-drilled holes to hang up in your building!

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