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      What is ADHD?


        Neurodiversity Clinic

        Umbrella Project for Schools

        For individual schools, we can provide a pack of 25 brightly coloured umbrellas to create their own display on school grounds. The umbrellas have a pre-drilled 5mm hole at the top, which can be used by threading them with wire and hanging them where suitable; we recommend that each school plans their display beforehand. 

        The Project costs £350 for schools to take part – this could be covered by sponsorship from a local business, a Parents’ Association, or come out of the school budget. As part of this we also offer assembly resources and access to two neurodiversity training webinars.

        Get Involved

        If you would like to get involved, please complete the sign-up form at the link below to register! We send umbrellas out to schools in April-May.

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        Umbrella Project for Businesses

        The Umbrella Project relies on engagement from businesses, both big and small, to reach as many people as possible. There are several ways to get involved, be that on a local level or nationwide, and we’d love to have you and your business on board. 

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