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        Published - July 20, 2022

        We Are Beautifully Unique

        Celebrating Neurodiversity at other locations in Stoke-on-Trent City Centre

        City Centre Peace Garden  Marsh Street
        We Are Beautifully Unique – Word Art Mural

        Poetry themed on Neurodiversity by children from The Crescent Academy and professional poet Jason Conway, reimagined into a Word Art Mural creation designed by We Are Culla.

        Jason Conway‘s commissioned poem ‘We Are Beautifully Unique’ is situated adjacent to the Word Art Mural where you will also find a QR code which will transport you to the Virtual Umbrella Project page to enter the Virtual Umbrella Gallery. Here you’re find a selection of original poems by school children displayed in a 3D exhibition space alongside artwork created by neurodiverse students from Pinc College on self-identity.

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