Published - September 5, 2022

Cheltenham Umbrella Project

We were delighted to have worked in partnership with Cheltenham Business Improvement District to create the Umbrella Project in Cheltenham. Officially launched in July, the installation is now in place throughout the summer in the city centre.

Heath Gunter, Cheltenham BID Chief Executive, said: “We are honoured to be one of the destinations hosting the Umbrella Project. Apart from the visual aspect, which will brighten up this part of the town centre and bring it to attention of the public, this colourful display creates an opportunity to educate and engage the local community and our businesses.”

“It is important for businesses to understand how their workplace could be somewhere that neurodiverse people will enjoy working, somewhere for entrepreneurs to flourish and for them to understand the importance of the use of space, colour and sound to help customers with a neurodevelopmental condition to feel comfortable spending time.”

As part of the project, the BID will be working with the Barnwood Trust and the ADHD Foundation to deliver free awareness training for BID businesses.

The official launch coincided with the Cheltenham Music Festival. As part of the …Around Town free music weekend programme, samba band Bloco B which led the celebrations.

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