Published - March 15, 2023

It’s ND Celebration Week and Everybody & Everymind is invited!

Neurodiversity Celebration Week is a such an important week in the calendar, and it has been wonderful to see the amazing response to the 2023 campaign. There has been an explosion of good news, support, and positive messages shared and we are proud to be part of that.  

As a charity we have seen businesses, schools, individuals and organisations pull out all the stops to back this important movement, and it was fantastic to receive a message from Lucy and Yak, a company that creates beautiful, comfortable, and sustainable products, to say they were launching a limited addition clothing line in support of ND Celebration Week. The clothing line is For Everybody & Everymind and to tell you all about it, here is a blog post from Lucy and Yak!  

Everybody & Everymind Blog – Celebrating Neurodiversity in our Community  

Lucy & Yak are so very lucky to have such a diverse community with so many wonderfully neurodiverse folk – who say they love the brand for our comfy fits, expressive clothes and inclusive culture.  

You’re free to be yourself in the Yak community!  

Following on from our popular 2021 campaign and ongoing work with neurodivergent creators, we wanted to keep the conversation going with a collection that resonated with our community, and a platform that inspired people to share their own stories over Neurodiversity Celebration Week and beyond.  

We call it, Everybody & Everymind, a celebration of neurodivergent experiences within our community – curated, created and inspired by our neurodivergent customers, creators and staff.  

The Collection  

We invited the community to shape the collection with feedback on everything from the fabrics and shapes to the colours and fits of existing Yaks – to make sure the collection contained the most sensory-friendly clothes possible. Now we had the perfect Yaks, our very own resident artist and up cycler Sarah Caulfield (who herself is neurodivergent), worked her magic, creating around 20 illustrations that each touched on a different neurodivergent experience such as overstimulation, masking, and burnout. Making sure we kept the collection a secret, Sarah compiled feedback from a few of her followers who were also in Yak community and was able to choose which designs resonated most with our neurodivergent audience. 

“We know we can’t speak to or for everyone and every experience, but we hope customers will be able to resonate with the collection, feel seen and be uplifted by it.” Sarah Caulfield 

Half of the profits from the collection will be donated to the ADHD Foundation.


The ADHD Foundation Neurodiversity Charity would like to say a massive thank you to everyone at Lucy and Yak, not only for supporting our charity but for creating such a positive message through the Everybody & Everymind collection. What a fantastic way to celebrate neurodiversity!  

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