Conference 2018 Presentations

We thank all of our delegates for joining us at this year's national ADHD conference. To access the slides of our speaker's presentations, please click here to view and download them in PDF... [Read More]

Umbrella Project 2018: School Participation

The Umbrella Project 2018 will consist of three public art installations of brightly coloured umbrellas in three locations: Church Alley, Church Street Liverpool City Centre, BBC Studios Media City Salford... [Read More]

The Social and Economic Impact of ADHD

At a time when mental health services are under the spotlight, the aim of this Demos report is to shine a light on the socioeconomic impact of undiagnosed and untreated... [Read More]

When Parent and Teacher Reports Disagree on ADHD: A New Perspective

The reporting of significant problems at home with minimal or no difficulties reported by teachers and vice versa is a familiar situation for clinicians and can present a dilemma when... [Read More]

A call to action

Are you concerned about the lack of services for ADHD in your area? The ADHD Foundation has received thousands of requests from parents and adults asking us to speak with... [Read More]

A lifetime lost, or a lifetime saved?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children across the UK. A look at its impact and what must be done to achieve equity for these particularly vulnerable children, so they... [Read More]


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ADHD Manifesto

A call to action for everyone with ADHD

ADHD Patient Manifesto

Alternative interventions for ADHD: Evidence matters and clear evaluation is needed for every patient, regardless of treatment choice

For the concerned parent of a child who may have ADHD – or an individual themselves – there can seem to be a confusing array of treatments on offer. After... [Read More]

Why swift identification and treatment of ADHD makes sense

Early identification of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) means that the right support and treatment can be provided and start to have a positive effect. ADHD affects children and adults... [Read More]