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Time to pay attention to ADHD

Gloucestershire Neurodiversity Youth Project

2024 Neurodiversity Umbrella Project Brochure

Dr Susan Young ACE Clinical Interviews

Young People Living Successfully & Achieving with ADHD / Neurodiversity in Gloucestershire

Why do we find it so hard to calculate the burden of neurodevelopmental disorders?

UK adult ADHD services in crisis

Disabled Children: A Legal Handbook 3rd edition

A 3-year strategy for Innovation 2024-2026: Championing Neurodiversity

ADHD Coaching Diploma Handbook

How your support could change lives – Education Providers & Parents Organisations

Businesses & Employees – How Your Support is Changing Lives

Learning About Autism

Neurodiversity in the Criminal Justice System

Impact Report 2022-23

Neurodiversity for Employers (Free Guide)

Early Years Resources (Practitioners)

Neurodiversity: Preparing for Exams

Sleep Support

Neurodiversity: Managing Sibling Relationships

Neurodiversity: Impulse Control and Risk Management

Neurodiversity: Exhilarating Independence

Neurodiversity Inclusive Advertising

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ADHD in the Justice System Report April 2023

Reading and ADHD: 5 Top Tips

ADHD: Developing and supporting social skills

Autism & Interactions

Understanding and Managing ADHD Videos

Teaching secondary aged pupils about neurodiversity

Teaching primary aged pupils about neurodiversity

ADHD for Kids

ADHD for Teenagers (London)

ADHD for Parents/Primary Carers (London)

What is the role of a school nurse? (SAPHNA)

Introducing the ADHD Foundation

The Impact of Covid-19 on ND Children

ADHD: Staying Calm and Positive

ADHD: What Every Parent Needs to Know

5. Treatment and Management of Tourette’s

4. Supporting Children with Tics

3. Living Successfully with Tics

2. Diagnosis of Tics and Tic Disorders

1. What are Tics?

Parenting a Child with ADHD (BBC Bitesize)

The ADHD Hero Activity Book for Kids

ADHD for Nurses and GPs

Proposed Model for NHS Adult ADHD Services

Neurodiversity: An Expert Opinion (SFI Health)

Charlotte’s Experience of Tourette’s Syndrome

Neurodiversity and Dance Music

Autism & ADHD: Supporting Dual Diagnosis

Introduction to PDA (PDA Society)

World Federation of ADHD Guide 2019

A Whole Child Approach to Youth Justice

ADHD and the Perimenopause and Menopause

Dynamic Support Liverpool CCG

Access to Work Information Booklet

ADHD and Me: Georgia McCormick

Thinking Differently (TDM Recruitment Report)

ADHD in the Criminal Justice System (Takeda)

Talking Tourette’s (Lisa Rudge, Dr Seonaid Anderson)

Ten Top Tips for Sports Coaches: Working With ADHD

Sex differences in predicting ADHD clinical diagnosis

School-based interventions for ADHD

Prioritising Targets for School‑Based ADHD Interventions

Improving Behaviour in Schools: Evidence Review

Improving Behaviour in Schools: Guidance Report

Children’s Voices (Children’s Commissioner)

Embracing Complexity in Diagnosis

Are undiagnosed neurodivergent children being excluded from school?

Should Neurodiversity Services be Delivered Integratively?

TS and ADHD (Paper)

The Influence of School Context on ADHD Symptoms

What do parents of ADHD children tell each other?

What a draft EHCP includes (Tania Griffiths QC)

Understanding the stress response

Understanding Coprophenomena

Guide to an EHCP (Tania Griffiths QC)

How can I help my child with writing difficulties?

SEND (HoC Educational Committee)

Exclusion from school (IPSEA)

Is there a link between ADHD and ACEs?

A Recovery Curriculum (Prof Barry Carpenter)

EHCP: Our Journey

Education, Health and Care Needs Assessments

Could Your Child Have Undiagnosed ADHD?

Considering Transitions Within an EHCP

Challenging Discriminatory Exclusions (SENDIASS)

Advice for Parents/Carers When Drafting an EHCP

ADHD and Bullying (Flynn Pharma)

Five Steps to Support an ND Child’s Sleep

10 FAQs About ADHD

10 Important Facts About EHCPs

In Conversation With: Dr Ned Hallowell – ADHD 2.0

What Conditions Can Co-Occur With ADHD?

Tourette’s Syndrome FAQs

Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing (Scouts)

Essential Ideas for Parents/Carers (Dr Russell Barkley)

A Guide to ADHD Psychoeducation

Relate: the relationship people (Website)

Mental Health Resources (The Education Hub,

Mental Health Foundation Resources

Teenage ADHD and Stress

“What’s it like to have ADHD?” (ADHD Voices)

ADHD and Poor Sleep (Dr Tony Lloyd)

Women and ADHD: The Anonymous Doctor

Dekko Comics (partner)

Advice and Guidance for Students With ADHD

ADHD and Mental Health – My Story (Julia Hardman)

10 Top Tips: Effective Self-Care for People With ADHD

Relaxation Audio (Healthy Minds)

Daily Task Planner Template

How to Set Smart Goals

Breakfast and ADHD: A Guide for Parents (Flynn Pharma)

A Lifetime Lost or a Lifetime Saved (Born to Be ADHD)

Early Years Resources (Parents)

Neurodiversity FAQs Platform

ADHD For Children Booklet

Understanding and Supporting My Child’s ADHD Booklet

A Teenager’s Guide to ADHD Booklet

Inclusive justice: a system designed for all (EHRC)

Neurodiversity 101: Top Tips

The Trouble with Dragons Storybook (Shire)

What is ADHD? (Thomas E Brown)

ADHD Impairments in Interpersonal Lives (Dr Russell Barkley)

Why Do We Find it so Hard to Calculate the Burden of Neurodevelopmental Disorders? (Mary Ann Megan Cleaton and Amanda Kirby)

ADHD in Adults. Yes, it’s real. Yes, you can do something about it. (Rick Green and Dr. Ahmed)

Bedtime Stories for Young Children (Equazen)

Understanding and Managing Your Child’s Anxiety

The World Federation of ADHD International Consensus Statement: 208 Evidence-based conclusions about the disorder

Josh Grenville-Wood: Living With ADHD

Too Stressed to Sleep? Top Tips for Getting Better Rest in a Crazy World

Failure of Healthcare Provision for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in the United Kingdom: A Consensus Statement

Guidance in Neurodiversity for Nurses (RCN)

Dyslexia Friendly Style Guide (British Dyslexia Association)

Activities to Support Executive Function in the Classroom

NICE Guidance for ADHD: A Guide for Patients

Females with ADHD (Young et al)

Will the Doctor See Me Now?

Review of Factors Affecting Mental Health in Education Settings (Troy et al)

Fostering Family Magazine Article (Marcus Wilton)

Why Talk About Females and ADHD? (Amanda Kirby)

How to Create a Calm Home for People with ADHD (addrc)

Identifying and Assessing a PDA Profile

10 Facts About Tourette’s Syndrome

Teacher Poll on Perceptions of ADHD (Sept 2017)

Disinhibition in Tourette’s Syndrome

Tourette’s Syndrome/Tics: Quickfire Info

Ten Tips to Support Your Teenager with ADHD

Understanding ADHD in the Early Years

ADHD – Different in Girls, Different in Women (Sandra Kooij, QbTech)

Bridging the Gap: Optimising Transition from Child to Adult Mental Healthcare

Stories That Never Stand Still

A Life Through the Eyes of Cole

ADHD and the Classroom: Why is Sitting Still So Hard?

Why Everything You Know About Autism is Wrong (Jac den Houting)

The Neurobiology of ADHD (Dr Andrew Curran)

The Neurodiversity Concept: Is It Helpful for Clinicians and Scientists? – Paper

“How I Overcame My Tourette’s to Become a TV Presenter”

Teach Yourself ADHD (Rory Bremner and Tony Lloyd)

Leadership in Education (Shaun Fenton OBE)

Special Education Leadership (Martin McKenna)

Lessons From the Pandemic (Ania Hildrey, Abbot’s Lea School)

Identification and Treatment of ADHD and Autism (Young et al)

The Story of Filippo, Who Rocked Back and Forth – Paper

Understanding the Strengths and Difficulties of ADHD: a guide for parents (EPIC)

Understanding the Strengths and Difficulties of Dyspraxia/DCD: a guide for teachers (EPIC)

The EPIC Strategy Booklet: a guide for teachers

Umbrella Gang Comic Vol.3

Umbrella Gang Comic Vol.1

Umbrella Gang Comic Vol.2

Refocusing on ADHD in Education Booklet

An Employer’s Guide to ADHD in the Workplace

ADHD Friendly Schools Award Brochure

ND Clinic – 18-60 Year Olds Brochure

ND Clinic – 6-17 Year Olds Brochure

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