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At the ADHD Foundation Neurodiversity Charity, we are by the side of students and educators alike. Since 2012, we have trained over half a million educators, aiming to help children and young people who have neurodevelopmental conditions to navigate the increasing pressures of education as they get older. We work to upskill staff at all stages of education, be that an Early Years practitioner or a senior university lecturer, to ensure all learners can achieve their potential.

"The course delivery and content was excellent. This training day gave us all exactly what we needed."

Training for Education

Including Neurodiversity Friendly accreditations.

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Neurodiversity Umbrella Project for Education

Read about the Neurodiversity Umbrella Project 2024, for schools, early years settings, colleges, and more.

ADHD Friendly Schools Award

Join the increasing number of schools and colleges who have committed to help all learners with ADHD can achieve their academic potential.

Neurodiversity Early Years & KS1 Resources (Practitioners)

Click here to find resources from our Early Years Team!

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