Liverpool Skills Building Programme for Parent and Carers

Dear Parent / Carer,

Following a referral to our service, we would like to invite you onto an online skills building programme, specifically for parents and carers of children who have ADHD or are on the pathway to an ADHD diagnosis.

The programme was previously delivered face to face, but due to COVID-19 recommendations, it is now online.

If you have already completed this programme, whether online or face to face, you do not need to re attend.

The programme is split over 3 x 1 hour long online sessions:

Session One: Neuroscience of ADHD and Treatment

Session Two: Sleep – Diet & Nutrition

Session Three: Stress Awareness and Self Regulation

The following dates and times are available to access these session, please choose an option for each session by clicking on the time you prefer; this will take you to the booking page. (these do not need to be in consecutive order).

DateSession10am Option1pm Option7pm Option
Mon 25th JanuaryThree10am1pm7pm
Mon 8th FebruaryOne10am1pm7pm
Mon 15th FebruaryTwo10am1pm7pm
Mon 22nd FebruaryThree10am1pm7pm
Thurs 25th FebruaryOne10am
Thurs 25th FeburaryTwo1pm
Thurs 25th FebruaryThree7pm
Mon 8th MarchOne10am1pm7pm
Thurs 11th MarchTwo10am1pm7pm
Mon 15th MarchThree10am1pm7pm
Sat 20th MarchOne10am
Sat 20th MarchTwo1pm
Sat 20th MarchThree7pm

If you have any queries regarding the online programmes, please email

Kind regards,

Lisa Rudge (Office Manager)

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