Liverpool Skills Building Programme for Parent and Carers

Dear Parent / Carer,

Following a referral to our service, we would like to invite you onto a skills building programme, specifically for parents and carers of children who have ADHD or are on the pathway to an ADHD diagnosis.

The programme is in response to requests from parents and carers that they need more information and support to better understand their child’s needs.

The following dates are available to attend the two day parents and carers skills building programme:

Thursday 7th November &
Thursday 14th November
9:30am to
MPAC (Merseyside Play Action Council)
1-27 Bridport St
L3 5QF

Places are limited; if you would like to reserve a place on an upcoming programme, please inform us within 2 weeks of our text by:

If you wish to reserve a place by email or text, please include your child’s name, and the programme date you would like to attend.

Kind regards,

Lisa Rudge (Office Manager)

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