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A lack of understanding means many employers see hiring people with neurodevelopmental conditions to be a challenge rather than an opportunity. Since launching our support services for businesses in 2019, we have trained over 400 organisations and 30,000 individuals. In our sessions, we show businesses how a fully inclusive work environment can highlight the creativity, problem solving skills and imaginative thinking that employees with different minds can bring.

Training for Business

Including the Neurodiversity Friendly Business Award®.

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The Neurodiversity Umbrella Project

Find out how your business can be a part of this year's Neurodiversity Umbrella Project.

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Training for Business

Learn more about our training offer for businesses, including the Neurodiversity Friendly Business Award®.

Events and Webinars

Find out more about our online and in-person events, including Neurodiversity: A New Paradigm and the Neurodiversity Umbrella Project.

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Read more about how you can contribute to our work, through fundraising, donations, or partnerships.

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