The ADHD Foundation Neurodiversity Charity is the largest provider of training in ADHD and neurodevelopmental conditions for professionals in the UK. All our courses are interactive, full of practical strategies and informed by up to date research. We can offer a wide range of expert led courses across a wide range of subject areas. These courses can be tailored to your needs, which offers the opportunity to focus on a specific area/need or a selection of topics.

“The trainer was very engaging and enthusiastic throughout the session. It was an informative session without it being information overload. We liked the case examples to give some perspective on what was being discussed.”

ADHD Coaching Diploma

The ADHD Foundation Neurodiversity Charity and Universal Coaching Alliance (UK) proudly present an empowering, two-year journey to become a certified ADHD Coach. This course is more than just a qualification; it's a mission to elevate ADHD coaching standards across the UK.

The deadline for expressions of Interest for the Professional ADHD Coaching Diploma closed has now passed

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Neurodiversity Counselling Training

​​We are part of the Neurodiversity Charity - ADHD Foundation who promote a neurodiverse paradigm in health, education, and employment. Actively supporting strength-based approaches to living successfully with invisible difference.

ADHD Friendly Schools Award

Join the increasing number of schools and colleges who have committed to help all learners with ADHD can achieve their academic potential.

Neurodiversity: A New Paradigm 2022 Highlights

Neurodiversity: A New Paradigm - a conference for business, justice, education, healthcare, and the creative industries.

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