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      What is ADHD?


        Adult Online Therapy

        Counselling and therapy

        Some reasons people seek help: 

        • Events from the past, present or future
        • Managing emotions e.g., anxiety, low mood, or anger
        • Relationships
        • Work life stress
        • Understanding invisible difference e.g., ADHD or ASC

        Being able to speak about these difficulties with a trained professional can allow a person to understand and process these in a way that they will have less negative impact on their emotions and behaviour.

        Psychotherapy is an umbrella term that includes a range of talking therapies. This can include different approaches. Our therapy team work integratively with an understanding ND conditions and their impact.

        Our qualified team includes members of the BACP and BABCP. Counsellors and therapists work with people who have ND conditions to reduce distress, enhance well-being and personal functioning.

        We recognise ND difference may impact the way you may engage with any therapy; and are more likely to experience mental health challenges. We aim to use the most suitable approach that suits you.

        We Offer:

        1:1 online adult therapy sessions for over 18s for those diagnosed or being assessed for ND conditions.  Most clients work within a series of 4 – 12 sessions.

        Prices: £65 per 50 minute session  

        (Discount: £60 per session in blocks of 4 or more sessions) 

        Concessions evidenced: £55 per 50 minute session  

        (Discount: £50 per session in blocks of 4 or more sessions) 

        Please read Terms & Conditions to check this is the service for you.

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